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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Focus on Down Syndrome - An Update!

The very first person to be in our Focus on Down Syndrome feature was Robert Pio Hajjar, motivational speaker and founder of Well, since that time, he surely has been busy, as the following email shows! Please read the first post about him if you have the chance, as well! And CONGRATULATIONS Robert!

IDEAL WAY Founder and Motivational Speaker, Robert Pio Hajjar, born with Down syndrome is acclaimed Canadian Down Syndrome Society Self Advocate of the Year, nominated for the Order of Ontario, and recipient of the Unsung Heroes Award (City of Toronto), presented by Lt. Gov. David Onley.  When Robert Pio Hajjar was born, in 1977, doctors informed his parents “He will be profoundly retarded. Put him away and forget about him. Have another child.”  They did not realize that Robert was born to be a Champion.

Today, Robert  is making a difference in the world as a charismatic, motivational speaker who travels widely as living proof of what is possible when you include people like him, give them love, encouragement, opportunity. Blessed with natural showmanship, and a clear voice, Rob is a Champion for his peers that cannot speak, i.e. 4,000 people Indiana University. 

Enjoy IDEAL WAY’s most recent video of Robert speaking to students at MOUNTSFIELD PS, London, ON.

Best Buddies Canada Leadership Conference

Share this with as many others as you can, please.  “Everyone needs to be inspired”.

View our photo gallery to see some of the thousands of students Robert has inspired around the world.

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