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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Calling all RUNNERS! (and more RR news)

1)  Thank you to everyone who donated last week to help us fully fund our birth family mission trip to Bulgaria for World Down Syndrome Day!    We did it!!  The team is so excited to go, all of the therapy items and promo materials have been delivered, and they are starting to pack suitcases now.   Your prayers for all of them as they travel!

2)  REMINDER:   our 5-Year Anniversary Reunion Camping Trip is coming up SOON, and if you plan to join us, you need to book that site in the next two weeks.  The campground is filling up fast for the holiday weekend.   If you don't want/like to camp, there are plenty of motels and hotels very close by that you could consider as well.   This is going to be a very special five days together!
3)  Would like everyone to welcome Kelly Mokashi in her additional role on our leadership team.  Kelly has been serving as our Grant Writer and Board Secretary, but will now also be taking on the role of Individual Event Coordinator.  She will be assisting with the coordination of the individual events and various conventions we attend.

A new fundraising program is being launched for all of you folks who like to run/walk in 5K/10K/30K events!  The program is called "One Step Closer to Home", and provides you with a fabulous new graphic and opportunity to raise awareness and donations for Reece's Rainbow.  Still working on a full page for the website, but this will post on the homep age when it's ready.

Our first OSC event is being held March 27 in Ontario, Canada!  We can modify our graphic to create posters, shirts, etc to personalize and promote your event.  If you'd like to organize a full RR event, or just run in another one with our logo, please contact Kelly Mokashi.   
Since we met our fundraising goal for WDSD so quickly, ALEXANDER has been given the opportunity to finish up the month of March as our Child of the Month

Alexander is so sweet, but struggles with epilepsy in addition to his Down syndrome.   Your donations as an adoption grant for him will help him find his "forever family". 

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