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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The McClain's & their Stephanie...STILL IN GREAT NEED

**The McClain family was one of our families honored in September of 2010. I'm reposting them because this need is still very much in place and now the time is come when it's really, really needed and time for fundraising isn't even a question. They're getting ready to leave and they need our yesterday! Please, please help out this family..I think most of us know Joy, she has this huge heart for the children and the other RR families and a heart that beats for Christ. If you don't know Joy you can click on her family blog link and you'll see..You'll see Christs love in her shine though :)

The McClain family are back in the game :) This will be their 3rd child found through RR.. God lead them to their 2 youngest boys through RR. Now their being called to bring home Stephanie, who they'll call Abby. You can read all about their journey to her and their past adoptions as well by clicking here to go to their blog..
You can make your gift donations to their Family Sponsor Page by clicking here...
As always, please be prayerful in your giving and remember that any amount helps...there's no such thing as a small gift! :)
You can also copy their button to post to your blog, anything to help spread the word helps!
May God bless you all in your mothering days (or fathering :)

*HELP WANTED: To encourage more donations would you be so kind as to cross post this to your FB page &/or your blog? The more we spread the word, the more help can be poured in the cup to over flow :D Thanks so much and may your week be filled with His love, His peace and His will in your life. Blessings to ya' till next time ♥

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