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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

8:27:00 AM

The Egan's & their girl's..

Emily and Miranda will be the Egan's 8th and 9th children, their 5th and 6th adoptions, but their firsts from Eastern Europe. Jackie and Tim fell in love with Emily (in pink) and found out about her best friend Miranda with her. They just knew that what God was asking them to do was to trust Him and step out in faith to bring home both the girls. They're ready!

But funds are still very much needed....
The Egan's really need our help..I know I always say that, but it's because it's true, of each family. Jackie and Tim need our help to bring their daughters home. Emily and Miranda will both be 9 soon, 9! They've waited a mighty long time to know what the word 'family' means. Please prayerfully consider giving a matter how big or small, every bit is a step closer to bringing the girls home.

*Gifts can be given to the Egan's here:
and their family blog can be followed here:
**Please note: They haven't shared the news that they are also adopting Miranda to their family yet, so please be sensitive when commenting.

Please pray for them as they prepare to bring their daughters home and for them when they do share with their families!

*To encourage more donations would you be so kind as to cross post this to your FB page and/or your blog? The more we spread the word, the more help can be poured in the cup to over flow :D Thanks so much and may your week be filled with His love, His peace and His will in your life.

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