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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Social Narratives for Learning

What is a social narrative? How do you make them?

Social Stories™ have been proven effective as strategies to change target behaviors. De-veloped by educators or others familiar with the child, Social Stories™ are written short stories that inform or describe an activity and the anticipated behavior associated with it. Social Stories™ also provide social information to teach appropriate social behavior governed by various unwritten and unspoken rules and nonverbal cues.

Comic strips are very popular with children these days and very easy to understand.

Comic Strip Conversations TM

Comic Strip Conversations TM is a cartooning strategy developed by Gray (1994). The technique involves illustrating conversations through the use of simple drawings. This strategy helps the student identify what other people say and or do with emphasis being placed upon what other people were thinking. By drawing a short conversation with thinking and thought bubbles that help the student learn how to general conversation occur. When using this technique the following information needs to be gathered (Gray, 1994):

* Where are you ? (Student draws a person)
* Who else is here? (Student draws a person)
* What are you doing? (Student draws relevant items and/or actions)
* What happened? What did the other people do? (Student draws relevant items and or actions.)
* What did you say? (Use conversation bubbles)
* What did other people say? (Use conversation bubbles)
* What did you think when you said that? (Use thought bubbles)
* What did other people think when they said that/did that? (Use thought bubbles)

This strategy can also be used to address upcoming situations or future events.

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HERE is an child friendly, and adult friendly downloadable comic software. I was blessed to attend a conference this weekend on Down syndrome. One of the speakers I was privileged to listen to was a special education professor at KU, and when I remember his name I will update this! :). But he shared how much his 4th grade son with DS enjoys the comic strip method of social narratives.

The ideas in my head are limitless for their use. You can even use them for other children to learn the proper response when encountering a challenging behavior of an individual with a disability or behavior issue!

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