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Going GREEN at tax time!

Reece's Rainbow - Going GREEN at tax time!

Dear Reece's Rainbow Advocates and Donors,
At Reece's Rainbow, we are keenly aware of how far your pennies go in saving the life of a child.  Throughout the year, we are good stewards of your gifts to our Voice of Hope fund, and try our best to keep the operational costs as low as possible.

One of the ways we can do this is by minimizing the number of tax receipts we have to send out by snail mail.  The cost of postage, paper, printer ink, envelopes, and TIME seem such a waste, when we could send most of these via email. 

Help us maximize the impact of your raised funds by doing the following easy things:
1. If you have movedthis year, be sure your new mailing address is updated with Michelle.
2.  If you typically donate via Paypal, be sure THAT address is correct.  We had so many Angel Tree ornaments and donation receipts returned this year because folks didn't update their addresses in their own Paypal account.  This was a big waste of postage for us as well. 
3.  If you typically donate by check, please include your email address with your next donation so we can communicate with you electronically.  Checks are our preferred method of donating, as it doesn't cost us anything in Paypal fees.  
4.  When you fundraise through Chip Ins and giveaways, ask your donors to include their email addresses as well.
Another important part of tax season at Reece's Rainbow is "paying it forward".  We have so many families in urgent, last minute need of donations, and there is no better time to give than when your tax refund arrives.  Many folks will receive sizable tax refunds this year as a result of their 2010 adoption....consider donating some of that to help your fellow RR family members bring their children home in 2011. 

Tax receipts are being mailed and emailed over the course of this week and next.  Please be patient, as we have more than 5000 to send out!
Thank you for your help!


Andrea Roberts, Executive Director

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