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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Archer's and their boys..

Happy Monday all. I want to start this year by introducing you to the Archer family. Their a family that indeed has a heart for the "least of these". I'm always left in awe when I have the opportunity to read & learn about families that have grasped what God has called them to do & they do it. Regardless of what others may say, what obstacles the enemy sets in front of them or how much work it's going to be...or how much it's going to cost. They just do it. They put their faith in Him & they move..they move & put faith into action. Beautiful. The Archer's have adopted 11 children. 11...Of those 7 children are still at home. Their in the process of bringing home 5 more children from Bulgaria..all with DS. The 2 youngest are both 3, then the next 2 are almost 6 and the oldest is 7. At this point in the adoption the 2 youngest are the ones who will be coming home first. The RR family knows the 2 little one's as Emmet & Eric. (seen to the right) The Archer's have chosen new names for their boys. Their two youngest will be Julius Believer (in blue) and Paul Follower (in yellow). You can follow their family journey to all 5 boys by reading their family blog found here: and you can learn more about what's lead them down this road by reading their FSP, where you can also donate to the family in order to help them bring their boys home. Their FSP is here:
Below are their other 3 son's who Lord willing will be home soon as well. Prayers for them all please as they wait for their forever family to be able to come for them.

Please be prayerful in your gifts & remember that every bit helps in bringing all the boys home. Blessings to you all..

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