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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Your Mission... UPDATED

I posted the post below, HOURS ago, not days ago, not a week ago, a few hours ago!  

And the $250 level is GONE!! 

I'm sitting here literally with tears praising God for what this means for these kids. We aren't just seeing how many levels we can wipe out for the sake of it...

Every dollar on that Angel Tree represents a chance for life... a chance for a family... a chance to teach the world that these children have value and worth.

Thank you for donating! 

Thank you for shortening the distance for these children to come home... 

Thank you...

original post--
Have you seen the Angel Tree lately? 

The $100 level is GONE! 

EVERY child has at least $100 in their Angel Tree Grant Fund!

So, what is your mission this week? Your mission now is to help us get those kids over the $250 level so that they will be that much closer to having EVERY child meet their $1000 Angel Tree goal!

The following kids need some extra help to get them over the $250 mark, will you help them?

Help Me Reach $250!

$145 Raised
Langley 9HA

$180 Raised
Daniel 3G

$164 Raised
Lawrence 2H

$200 Raised
James 2H

$205 Raised
Preston 2H

$135 Raised

Randy 2H

$200 Raised
Abbott 3G

$130 Raised
Stanislav V.

$145 Raised

Timothy S.

$135 Raised
Kathleen (27)

$180 Raised
Peter (16)

$220 Raised

$220 Raised

$95 Raised
Heidi 2H

$240 Raised
Anastasia S. 8
$150 Raised
Ivan S. 8CH

$215 Raised
Sam (31)

$130 Raised
Grant (38)

$223 Raised
Andriy (41)

$145 Raised
arlen 26HA

$150 Raised
Lilly 3G

$195 Raised
Denis D.

$120 Raised

Tomas 3G

$155 Raised
Sean (China)

$145 Raised

**Please CLICK HERE to visit the Angel Tree Sponsor Page**

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