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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Calling ALL Christmas Warriors!

It is just gone past the half way mark for the Angel Tree. We had every child on the tree committed to by a Christmas Warrior before the Angel Tree even started. We added more children to the Angel Tree and within a day or so those also all had Warriors. We added still more, and are you getting the picture here?

Our kids are so blessed this year to have Christmas Warriors for each and every child!

Now, I want to hear from our Warriors! 
Let us know in the comments what things you are doing for fundraising so we can stop by to visit!  Be sure you LINK to your fundraisers!

You also get to meet two of our beautiful Christmas Warriors who are quite inspirational, if not motivational!

Firstly, meet Genesis.
My name is Genesis, I'm ten years old, and I have a big heart for outreach, adoption/orphans. I am also the oldest child in our family of 5 soon to be 6, I have two little brothers, Jude age 5 and Zane age 3. My family is starting the process of adopting a very special little boy from Eastern Europe. I just love orphans and children and I really enjoy to help others. I recently came across Maribel on Reece's Rainbow, at first, I thought she had a Christmas Warrior already, but then found out that she was still in need of one. I really looked at her face, read her information, and felt God's call when I saw her on the "Most at Risk Children" page. That's when I chose to become sweet little Maribel's Christmas Warrior and hopefully help her find a forever family.
Her family are also adopting from Eastern Europe so be sure you stop by her blog and encourage her in her fundraising efforts! I don't know what you were doing when you were TEN years old, but I surely wasn't doing anything as important as fundraising for orphans! Well done, Genesis!

Also, please meet Taylah Black

Another beautiful, young lady who has set out to be an advocate! Taylah is 15 years old and besides being a Christmas Warrior for Igor, she is also planning to do fundraising all throughout 2011 for different children from Reece's Rainbow.

I found out about RR when my baby cousin was born with Down Syndrome and I added a few Downs mummys on face book. As I got more and more 'facebook family' I became familiar with RR and my heart just broke! I knew I needed to do something!
I watched a few familys adopt and fell in LOVE with Chrissie Patterson. She was my real eye opener. She has shown me how adoption does change lives.

This is my first yr on the christmas angel progect. I found it had to choose 1 child, of so many deserving!
Someone told me to start at the top and work my way down. So the top of the page. There is Igor, with no warrior sticker next to him.
He reminded me of my Oscar and I knew that was the child God wanted me to fundraise for!

I hurts to imagin what Igor is going through. NO love! And love is what my Oscar thrives off!
Honestly, if I wasn't 15... I would for sure be his mumma! But for now, I will help in whatever way I can!

To fundraise I have been door knock, asking family and friends for donations. Had some raffles and give aways. Used the power of the internet to ask people all over the world to donate. I am also getting donations instead of christmas gifts this year. And having a bake sale!

I have about $650 so far and I really want to get to $1000 at least!
I want Igor to have a family more then anything!
Reeces Rainbow is such a blessing to this world! Protecting the most beautiful children, who are seen as broken, and bringing them home with their forever families! What a great thing to help out with!

I really can not wait to adopt a special needs child one day!
 Be sure to also stop by Taylah's facebook page to learn about her 'to love the unloved' project.

Don't forget to post the links to your fundraisers below in the comments!

As always, a BIG thank you to all of our Christmas Warriors and those many, MANY lovely people who advocate for and support Reece's Rainbow!

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