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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Least of These...

The following is the list (as of 27 October) of children still in need of a Christmas Warrior. Please have a look at the information for what a Christmas Warrior does and then sign up to be one! If you are a business or a church you can sign up to be a Corporate Christmas Warrior and your church or business's logo and website will be added to our Corporate Christmas Warrior page, as well, you can put the Corporate Christmas Warrior badge on your website and advertising during the Angel tree. This is a brilliant way to demonstrate your own Christian and philanthropic efforts to your customers and colleagues!

Anyone can share our Corporate Christmas Warriors plan with their business or church.

Please look through the list of names and choose one of these children that so desperately need you!

Aisha K Russia region 23
Andy China
Brent Ukraine 35
Caleb China
Christian Russia region 6
Darren Ukraine 41
Devon Russia region 5
Dmitri B Russia region 8
Dmitriy P Russia region 16
Dmitriy Sh Russia region 8
Gavin Ukraine 20
Gibson Russia region 5
Grant Ukraine 38
Hailey China
Henry China
Ivan K Russia region 5
Ivan L Russia region 13
James Russia region 2
Jonas Russia region 9
Kennedy Russia region 2
Lawrence Russia region 2
Leeza Ukraine 2
Oksana M Russia region 13
Olga Russia region 3
Paul J Russia region 13
Sergei G Russia region 9
Toby Ukraine 26

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