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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Focus on Down Syndrome - Company d

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." -Martha Graham 

What an amazing group this is!
They are called Company d...

Who are Company d?
Company d, of Memphis Tennessee is a nationally recognized dance company of young adults with Down syndrome, under the artistic direction of Darlene Winters and choreographer. Company d was founded in 2001 and is committed to creating awareness of the talents and gifts of all individuals.
Through weekly class rehearsals and dedicated practices the dancers have now developed into a company that performs to music that represents many forms of dance including jazz, ballet, and modern. Company d members have learned to work as a team and unite into "one movement" through discipline and commitment. It truly is the spirit and belief of everyone involved that members of Company d not only continue to change and grow in their abilities and artistic skills, but their performances shape and grow their audiences from venue to venue.

"If I could tell you what I mean there would be no point in dancing." -Isadora Duncan  

The History of Company d...
"The Dancers", a working title that began back in September of 2000, has evolved into a company that consists of fourteen teenagers with a developmental disability who represent six high schools, three counties in West Tennessee. Company d is an organization whose goal is to increase positive public awareness about persons with Down syndrome.
The Company evolved as a result of a planned 15th reunion dinner for Special Kids and Families, to celebrate the organization and a reunion of those young individuals who had benifited from the program. Five of the original dancers who were the first graduates of this early intervention program were asked to provide the entertainment for the evening.
It was this organization that asked "Company d's artistic director, Darlene Winters, to choreograph a piece for its 15th Anniversary dinner. During this three month rehearsal period a passion, fellowship, and community developed among Darlene, the dancers and the parents. Ready to organize and bring the dancers back after several months, Brenda called Darlene. Brenda serves as the Director of Company d. and has an extensive history of advocacy for not only her son but also for all individuals with disabilities. Brenda is responsible for coordination of Company d performances, general operations, and the camaraderie among the parents, as she continues to keep everyone informed and brings everybody together.

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What Does the Future Hold for Company d?

To assist in initiating and expanding Company d Performing Arts Troupes to other areas of the country.

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself." -Mikhail Baryshnikov 

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To learn MUCH more about Company d please visit their website!

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