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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As one we can The Eichhorn's

This is Charlene and Ryan. Both these beauties are HIV positive. Well, when the Eichhorn's saw these little faces they just knew these little one's were supposed to be a part of their family. And so their journey has begun :) The Eichhorn's have 5 beautiful children, all under the age of 5, so a very big handful indeed. :) (Boy do I remember those days, lol :) This couple have had it in their hearts to adopt for a long time & really had made a plan of their own on how that was going to be something they introduced into their family..But, as usual, God had a different plan (& thankfully, His ways are always better then ours :D )
This family is in the process of gathering all they need for their dossier. They just got their 1-600 application back (Yay!) and now their ready to press on. They're really trying hard to move quickly to be able to bring their two little ones home as fast as they can. You can read more about them on their FSP and make a gift of love to help them on this journey by clicking here: You can also go to their family blog to follow them on their journey as they watch God grow their family. You can find that here:
So, as always, please pray about your gift amount & know that no gift is to small..God is amazing at multiplying! Blessings to you all~

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