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Friday Focus on Down Syndrome - An Announcement

If you've been reading the Friday Focus on Down Syndrome posts you may remember Robert Pio Hajjar!

When he was born, the doctors told his parents to 'put him away and forget about him'. They painted a pretty grim picture of what his life would be like, filled with disappointment and unfulfilled dreams. His parents disagreed. They said he was a gift from God and took him home.

Today Robert is a motivational speaker seeking to educate people on the truths about Down Syndrome and other disabilities. 

Now, here is the announcement! You get to see him speaking at the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference at U of Indiana Auditorium. There will be live streaming for viewers around the world to watch in real time! Here is the official announcement.

Speaking time is 9:45am EST on Saturday, July 24, 2010 for live streaming for viewers around the world to watch in real time as IDEAL-WAY Founder, Robert Pio Hajjar, immediately followed by Co-Founder Addie Daabous, will be addressing the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference at U of Indiana Auditorium. .
FYI, 14 countries will be represented at this International Conference.

Please visit the web site to find out more about the event and to make sure you are able to attend this online event! What a privilege it is to be able to see Robert speaking at this conference!

Also, please share this on  your facebook and twitter and email! There is a share link at the bottom of the post so you can easily spread the word about this unique opportunity!


“You will never
be happier and God will be very happy too"......

Community Education
An unique approach to positively
re-educating mainstream society,
by publicly empowering persons
with intellectual disability,
makes Ideal-Way an outstanding
leader for the community of
persons that are intellectually

Relief of Poverty

To relieve poverty by providing
basic amenities, including food,
clothing and household goods to
low income individuals with
disabilities, in financial need
or of small/limited means.

Provide programs to persons with intellectual disabilities

Recreational Art &; Literacy programs on a Provincial level. Ontario wide Poetry Contest and Ontario Wide Art Contest exclusively for persons with disabilities. The IDEAL Penpal Program, TIPP, exlusively for persons with intellectual disabilities.

If you would like to learn more about IDEAL-WAY, I would encourage you to visit their web site,

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