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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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CTR: Volunteers needed!

Connecting The Rainbow has been invited back to Sofia to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2011 with the families in Bulgaria! But, this is not just a social visit though. The families have asked us to conduct a 2 day conference for families raising children with Down syndrome, therapists, doctors, teachers and anyone else that wants to attend the event.

One of the first things that must be done is to secure the team of people that will conduct the conference! We have created a way for anyone interested in participating in this event to contact us and let us know how you would like to help. We are seeking out qualified professionals to go on this trip, but we will also need parents, educators and others who have a variety of skill sets needed to make every asset of the conference a success.

So, if you have any interest at all in going to Bulgaria in March 2011 to help with this event, please complete the volunteer interest form by clicking here. Please note that this is just a general inquiry form, so no formal commitment is being made by completing the form.

Information about the dates of the trip, the cost involved, etc are on the volunteer interest form. Forms will be accepted until August 31st. You are welcome to share this form with therapists, doctors, educators or anyone who you think would be interested in going on this trip. We will follow-up with everyone who expresses an interest so that the most comprehensive team of volunteers can be assembled to meet the needs of the March conference.

We also need people to volunteer to help BEFORE the trip! There are going to be many projects that need to be done in preparation for the trip. Several people have asked if there are ways that they can help and the short answer is....YES!!! If you are interested in assisting CTR in any way, we now have a volunteer form that can be completed so that we can compile a list of people that are willing to help. You can complete that form by clicking here. We will need volunteers to help with projects that will be given to the children in Bulgaria AND we will soon be starting on similar projects to give to families in Ukraine too. So, if you've ever wanted to help in any way, please complete this form. We will be creating an email list of people who are interested in volunteering so that needs can be shared and those who are willing to help can be given the opportunity to do so.

To recap:
• If you are interested in going to Bulgaria in March 2011 to help with the conference, complete this form.
• If you are interested in volunteering with projects that CTR are completing both for the trip to Bulgaria and any future projects for Bulgaria or Ukraine, complete this form

If you have any questions about Connecting The Rainbow and/or how you can help, please email Shelley at . Please put "CTR" as the subject of your email.

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