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Angel of the Week

Meet Johnny!

Johnny is already showing good signs of development from the daily therapy he's receiving!

Johnny's circumstances are unusual. He is in a country that doesn't allow adoption until their first birthday. However, the agency is hoping for a family able to handle his medical needs to come forward that would be paper ready to travel by January when he turns one.

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Sergei has $0 currently in his adoption grant fund. So even if you aren't able to adopt a child presently, you can still help him find his forever family by donating towards his grant fund. 

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Boy, Born January 20, 2010
Johnny was born with Apert Syndrome, which has many other associated conditions.
Johnny has a cleft palate, choanal atresia(nasal blockage). His echocardiogram indicated that he has an ASD, 2 small defects that do not require medication at this time. He will see a cardiologist again in the fall.
His hands and feet are fused. It is possible that this can be surgically corrected. Photos of both hands are available. He does have a distinct thumb and pinky finger on his right hand.
A CT scan of his brain was done in February 2010 and the results are available for interested families.
Johnny is receiving therapy every day and is already showing signs of good development. He’s rolling over on his own and pulling the tube out of his mouth (proof that he can use his hands!). He has recently begun to take food by mouth. He previously had a feeding tube.
We will continue to receive updates on his development as he grows.
                                                                           Johnny’s situation is unique. He lives in a country where he cannot be adopted until his first birthday.
However, his social worker knows that he will not be adopted in his own country and because of the Apert syndrome, they are actively seeking out a family that can adopt him as quickly as possible to address his medical needs. His birth family has already surrendered their parental rights and his paper work is being done quickly for international adoption. The agency is seeking a family that can start the adoption process and be paper ready to travel in January, when Johnny turns a year old.

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