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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Our Family...The Smiths for Yana

I prayed really hard over several families and Yana's seems to be the one the God just laid on my heart in a heavy way. I don't know if your familiar with her story or that of her adoptive family...but it's an amazing one. This little lady has had some major barriers in front of her making her adoption a difficult one. Her adoptive family has worked hard to be able to make it possible. Beautiful Yana is in Russia, in a region with restrictions on referrals. With all the hoopla over a very dumb choice made by a women not happy with her adoptive son (yeah, you know the one I'm talking about...) things got even a little more tough. Like most adoptive is the driving force behind our adoptions and funds are something that we really have to work hard for.Yana's family hasn't yet been able to submit for requests of grants due to not having their copy of their Homestudy back yet. Their a family living on a single income with 3 great bio. children, 1 who lives with the Lord..she was born with DS and many complications..God took her home 37 days after her birth :(Well, I think it was this little lady who paved the way for the adoptions of the Smith's next 3 children. 2 with DS and 1 with Autism. Now their a family of 7 wanting to be a family of 8 :DThe family has been told that the Region Yana is in is requesting they have their first travel date at the end of this month. Their hearts are fully ready to go...but the funds just aren't in place and they're terrified of losing this chance to bring their daughter home. I've chosen to only feature one family a week from now on in hopes of raising more money for each family in need. The Smith's are running all kinds of fund raisers on their can visit them and learn more about the fund raisers here: . I know they'd love to have all the support they can get right now. The harsh truth about Yana's situation is that this may really be her only chance of being adopted due to the difficulty of navigating her adoption. Not only are funds needed, but prayers. No amount is to small...every cent takes them one step closer to Yana. Please be prayerful in your giving & know that all your help, well, it's appreciated. Her mom & dad..and her brothers and
sister thank you for all your support..You can grab her button found on the As One blog on the left of the page & help spread the word about her adoption by placing it on your blog too. Your loving gifts can be given here
God bless you all, and know that no situation is to big for our God Almighty :)
In His service,

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