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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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our family..the carmichaels

I just want to start this post with a big "Thanks" to all of you who are praying for our families and reaching in your pockets to help them out. You all are a huge blessing in their lives. I love how God works & how He opens doors. I love, love, love seeing His hands at work in these adoptions. What a true testament to Him! I'm so glad to be privileged to be doing this. I know I'm off to a late start this week..Had a wonderfully busy weekend celebrating my husband & the great dad that he is; But..I haven't forgotten the need here! :)Well..let me start with telling you all that not to long ago we had the Carmichael family listed as one of our 'As One' families back when I was listing two at a time. Sadly, at that time the giving had really slowed down. I mean REALLY slooowwed down & this family didn't receive much in way of gift givings :(Now their at their soon to travel time (Yay!) with their dossier submitted & real life has kicked in & some unexpected expensise have crept up not having to do with their adoptions, but certainly taking the funds needed for it. They need our help.Their working hard & have taken as much overtime as they can..not to mention mom's going to school on top of all the hustle and bustle! Anyway, long story short..this family just really needs our help. I'm listing them again because I know we can help them..Remember~all the love in the world won't bring our kids home..Money is needed & without the funds the children suffer the loss of forever families. I don't want this to happen to any family! I know none of us do. If your like me, all these children hold a special place in your heart & to see them have families & come home!~Oh, no words can express the joy :)The Carmichael's don't have a button to post, but they do have a family blog where you can go to give words of encouragement, meet them & follow them on their road to their sons, Cole & David. You can do that by clicking here You can click here to be able to give a gift of support's pray together for this family..prayers of peace & that all falls into place in Gods perfect timing for them. Thank so much you guys!
In His service to you..

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