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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One..The Nance family for alec & Zenyah

As this week came to an end I started praying about the next family I'd love for us to be able to help. It's so hard because (blessing here) there's so many! I wanted to let you guys know how I choose who to pray over. I'm a huge blog reader. Part of how I look into who may have a need is by reading about their real life situations & needs. The other part that I take into consideration is how much is in their family fund now & how active are they on their own in trying to bring in the needed cash. Sometimes, like in the Nance family, there's such a rush to move quickly because the little one their wanting to adopt is about to be transferred that a whole lot of fund raising time just isn't a real option. Some families frantically move quickly through all the paper work & then come to realize that now that the paperwork is done their at a stand still because the funds just aren't there yet..that's when real PANIC sets in! Sometimes lack of time steals the chance to fund raise. Let's face it..Jobs, family life, and gathering paperwork all are very time consuming. Sometimes time for submitting grant applications, garage sales & such can't happen. Sometimes, other family finacial needs arise. Anyway, I just want you all to know that I know real life can make it hard to be a really active fund raiser. But I do like to see families making an effort...if time allows. Being a blog reader & following many of the families on their journey's I've learned who has the time, & who, not because they don't want to, don't. I also know for a fact that if the families aren't really active in their own fund raising it isn't a reflection AT ALL of their love or desire for thier children to come home. Soooo..With all that being said...that's how I choose. :D
I read, take in info. & pray, pray, pray. This week God lead me to the Nance family.I'm so thrilled to see these two boys finally have a family!
I think Stephanie (the boys soon to be mom) expressed the need so well on her blog post titled 'You don't have to give big..' Where she expressed her thanks to those who've helped...
"You have made us feel so loved! You have helped us to get this far and we won’t forget it.But, we could use some more help. We have so many generous friends! Like hundreds! I’ll bet they think that $5 or $10 wouldn’t help. It would only be a drop in the bucket, right? Wrong! I’ve seen God multiply every gift that we have been given so far. I can’t explain how much that has boosted my faith. You don’t have to give big to make a big difference."
Hey, Stephanie...Bravo! Well said! :)
So as you can see, we..WE..can make a differance! Please consider not only giving a gift of love to help Alec & Zhenya get home, but prayer is very powerful tool as well. WE can all be a part of the Nance families journey by following thier blog here, posting thier button on our blogs (found on the left of the 'As One' blog or on the Nance family blog), and giving a gift of love here you week be blessed by His peace, His grace, His wonderful love & May we bless our Heavenly Father with our praise & thanks for who He is & what He has done in each of our lives,
In His service to you,

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