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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One We Can..

With so many families in need my heart feel so pulled each week!
I'm not going to post much on why I've chosen the Shupp family this week....I think Lyndi's posts on the Shupp's family blog do it best. A year ago they brought home Patrick and today their praying to bring home Freddie.
Please keep Freddie in your prayers..
Prayers for God to pave the way for this young man to come home & that all roads to it be smooth.
Some of what you'll read abut on the Shupp's blog:
"We learned that our Freddie was not born in the country we are travelling to, but instead, he was born in Russia"..."How does this affect the adoption?Other than adding a few steps, it does NOT affect his ability to be adopted! Praise Jesus for this, we were very worried until we got our details!!!What does this mean financially and to our timeline?It DOES affect these 2 areas!! The cost of this person to go get his birth certificate is an additional $3,000. It also prolongs our stay by about a week"..."
So as you can see, we..the RR family are needed to save Freddie & help get him home! What's a mere $3,000. for us? We can pull together & raise it! Then we can reap the rewards as we watch a young mans life change forever. Please visit the Shupp's blog to read more & to be able to follow along on this adventure God has this family on.
We serve an Awesome God! He is faithful & just..he knows each of the children's needs & He cares as He sees them in distress. Thank you all...the families who adopt, the families who support financially, & the families who support through prayer. You all play such a huge roll in all the kids coming home! :) You can grab Freddie's button from their blog & post it to your blog to help spread the word & you can click here to give your gift of love :D Blessings to you all!

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