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UPDATED: Russian Adoptions

** UPDATE: Russia has NOT officially stopped US adoptions. This is brilliant news. The reports in nearly all of the news broadcasts around the world were incorrect. There is much hope for next week's meeting between Russian and US Officials regarding US Adoptions.

Please continue to pray for the situation, though, that good will come out of it for the future of adoptions in Russia.



I'm sure many if not all of you have heard that Russia has suspended ALL adoptions of their orphans by families in the US.

Whilst this is immensely sad news, the one thing is clear and that is that Russia is wanting to ensure the safety of their children once they are adopted. This is in one sense a good thing and could be a catalyst for helping to make adoptions more positive in the future.

The Director of Reece's Rainbow has this to say regarding the situation and I would ask that you read it and please pray. The children in Russia facing institutionalisation are the ones that need prayers the most. As well, our Reece's Rainbow families that are in the midst of their adoption really need your prayers. Please pray for peace for these families and protection for the children.

As you can all see on the news, it appears Russia has temporarily suspended adoptions by US families as a result of this woman in Tenessee.
At this time, there are simply no details.  No idea what kind of agreement they would require, no idea how long it might take to reach that agreement, no idea if it impacts families already in progress (meaning with a dossier already submitted, not folks in the beginning stages).
So for now, I'd still hold the position that families should not panic.   This could work itself out in a few weeks, no one knows.  I do not believe there will be any accommodations made for special needs vs healthy kids, but that is just my opinion.    There have been tremendous advocacy efforts from many official groups and the government, so I feel certain this won't just be left to pan itself out. 
The bottom line is that NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING right don't panic, keep your plans in progress for the sake of your children (for those of you who are in process for a child in Russia)...just hang in there. 
Andrea Roberts, Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

 Thank you for lifting these children up in your prayers and for all you do to advocate for Reece's Rainbow!

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