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Autism, and Temple Grandin

If you know me, you probably are aware that I am a huge fan of "Temple Grandin". She has done wonderful things in educating the world of livestock producers in regards to humane treatment and working methods for measuring how well you are doing. Being the wife of a cattleman, it should come as no surprise that she is a favorite of mine.

What might surprise you to know is that Temple Grandin has Autism. She has also written some books, my favorite of which is "Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior" I truly, highly recommend it!

The following article shares about her life and her contributions to the livestock industry. In it, it does talk about animal slaughter, so not for the very squeamish. BUT, if you are interested and have questions, the book gives you a much better understanding of the just what she brings to the table, and might even give you a better understanding of animals bred to be part of the human food chain.

But the best part is that I think it makes it obvious that in living with autism, she brings something to the table that others w/o austism could not! She is a gift to all of us, and an inspiration to believe in your child!

HERE is the article. Scroll down to "sidelights" and start reading. You can also do a google search of your own. :)

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