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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day! - We Want to Hear from YOU!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!
Every year, on March 21 (to honor the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome presented in Down syndrome), the world comes together to raise awareness and advocate for people living with Down syndrome.

Have you grabbed our 21.3.10 Project button to put on your blog/facebook/twitter? How amazing would it be for those who haven't yet been touched by Down Syndrome to see all of their friends with matching profile pictures today! 

It's also not too late to order t-shirts, journals, cups, tote bags, etc with our 21.3.10 Project graphic on them to wear and use proudly throughout the year!

We'd LOVE to hear from YOU! Has your life been blessed by a person with Down Syndrome? Please tell us your story in the comments and over the next week in between our regularly scheduled posts we'd love to share some of your stories! 

The next time you see a person or child with DS, stop… take notice. That life is nothing short of a miracle. The termination rate for pregnancies with DS diagnosis is now up to 94%. That is staggering. So, not only are you seeing the blessing of a person with DS, [made closer to the image of God than the rest of us], you are seeing the miracle of a life that many are trying to completely eliminate… I believe, hand on heart, that the two points are most definitely related…(via the Poppies' Blog)

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