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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday Focus on Down Syndrome - Peter Elliott

This Sunday is World Down Syndrome Day! As well, the month of March is Down Syndrome Awareness month in the US and this last week was Down's Syndrome Awareness Week in the UK.

This week's Friday Focus on Down Syndrome I am introducing you to Peter Elliott. He has a son with Down Syndrome and went on to do something extraordinary as a result!

So, without further ado... I introduce you to Peter Elliott

When Peter Elliott's son was born with Down Syndrome he and his wife joined their local DS support groups. This wasn't enough for Peter, however. His love for his son and all people with Down Syndrome inspired him to start the Down Syndrome Research Foundation.

From the DSRF-UK web site:
The Down Syndrome Research Foundation is the inspiration of Peter Elliott, founder member and Chair of the Trustees.  He has worked tirelessly to change attitudes and gain acceptance for the view that the chronic illnesses that affect many of those who live with Down’s Syndrome should not be accepted as ‘the norm’.
In 1996 the DSRF was established as a national charity, Peter was joined by parents of children with Downs Syndrome who also wanted a greater emphasis placed on medical research and healthcare issues in order to improve the quality of life for children and adults with Down Syndrome also known as Trisomy 21.

They are committed to research into the health issues that affect children and adults with Down Syndrome. It always amazes me how so many parents of children with Down Syndrome go on to do such amazing things!

From the DSRF-UK web site: (Research Overview)
We undertake to build on the research that has already taken place. We fund and manage research in association with other groups and charities and we share our results and findings. We believe that this approach will ultimately bring huge benefits to people with Down’s Syndrome, their siblings, parents and to carers of those with Down’s Syndrome.
Please, please, support us. Our work is vital and we receive no government funding, we rely totally on voluntary contributions.  Please click here to make a donation.

I encourage you to visit the DSRF-UK web site and see how you can become involved! You can volunteer to help in their vision and/or you can help through your donations!

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