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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One We Can..

It's always such a blessing to me to see families step out in faith for a child. It's not always the easiest step to take. I think more then not many families never reach the point where their able to put one foot in front of the other and make the calling a reality. To see families not only move forward for one child, but 2 or more at once is so awe inspiring to me! I know God planted these children in other mothers wombs, but I have no doubt that God already knew whose children these children were. I've heard countless stories by adoptive parents tell of the first time they saw their child & how in an instant they knew..'this is my child'. God is just amazing in how he works & in each of the families this week He's bestowing 2 or more children. I love that they've willingly accepted His gift, no matter the challenges it may bring. Please join me this week in being a part of helping these families as they move forward in their journeys to bring home their children.

Meet beautiful Nina
sweet Timofey

and little cute Varvara
They'll soon be joining the Enskat family! They have 3 other siblings waiting for them at home. You can follow their families wonderful, faithful journey to bring them home by clicking here:

** Little Timofey is currently in hospital in Ukraine with Leukaemia. He has already had 8 rounds of chemo and is very poorly right now. Please join us as we pray for Timofey that he will get home to his forever family very soon so he can get well! If you have a blog, please grab this button!

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And this handsome little guy is Anton. This isn't the best picture of him, but I've seen some others & trust me when I say he's a doll and a half :) Anton is a little guy whose been in our home for over a year hanging on our fridge as we've prayed for his forever family to find him. What a true blessing to see prayers answered!
& this cutie is David, Anton's soon to be brother..
Anton & David will soon be joining the Carmichael family! Sean Carmichael's uncle Mac was their inspiration. Mac had Down Syndrome & touched his nephews life. I love stories like this one!! Because of the impact Mac made, Anton & David will soon be home with their family, how awesome is that? :) The Carmichael's don't have a blog to follow but can still use our help. Let's not forget them in our prayers.
You can give your gifts of love & show your support for these families here:

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