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Memorial Fund for Derek Loux

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On December 23, 2009, the Reece's Rainbow family and the whole world lost a true Christian champion for orphans with special needs. Derek Loux, who together with his wife Renee adopted three of our children from Ukraine, was killed in a tragic car accident during a snowstorm in Nebraska.

Derek was my friend. I never met him in person, nor Renee, but I grieve his loss so deeply and so personally. The idea that he is no longer on this Earth is so hard to bear. He was so full of life, energy, and love for the Lord....truly an inspiration to so many. But he leaves a true LEGACY, a torch that has been lit and must be carried, for the advocacy and rescue of orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs around the world. Reece's Rainbow as a ministry and a *family* fully intends to continue his work.

Derek was a talented and famous Christian musician and singer, as well as a worship minister, orphan advocate, adoptive father, brother, husband, and friend. He traveled the world many times over to reach out to those in need, and to advocate for these children. You can follow their family's ministry at As I sit and listen to his CD "Paper Religion, 2007", the depth of his love for the Lord is astonishing and so obvious in his music. Grief for my own loss of Derek Loux is so self-serving...if you listen to his words, you will know he spent every minute wishing for a meeting with Jesus. And now he has it. He has EARNED it.

Derek and Renee lost a biological son to spina bifida when he was only 2 years old. They have two biological teen daughters, four adopted teen daughters, one adopted younger daughter with special needs, and our three angel boys, Sasha, Ethan, and Silas. The change and growth in these boys, now that they are home can only be explained as God-thing. They are a true testament to what love and adequate care can mean for a child with special needs. But they never even got to spend their first Christmas with the loving father they had waited for so long to save them.

The Loux family began the Josiah Fund, their own ministry to purchase land and build a huge home to adopt and restore 30 orphans with special needs from around the world. From Renee on January 1, 2010: "All I’ve been doing besides grieving Derek’s death is praying that Reece's Rainbow and Josiah Fund would have great platforms to spread the word on behalf of adoption. Derek’s death will not be in vain. The torch that’s been lit will not go to the grave with his earthly body. It’s going to keep burning and we will be sure that it gets passed from family to family. This is the beginning, sister of mine! We’re going to continue to link arms together and save the children."

Even in this time of great loss, Renee displays a strength and grace that I could not even begin to measure up to.

Your gift to our own Derek Loux Memorial Fund will be presented as one large gift to the Loux family's Josiah Fund on February 1, 2010. Please share this opportunity with others you know! Join me in letting the Loux family know that they are very much a part of our OUR family here at Reece's Rainbow.

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