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I've been using the Listening Program for about 2 years now on my older children. My oldest (now 12, but 10 when we started) has some learning disabilities & watching her struggle thru doing school was killing me. I was willing to try anything to help her. Once I saw the HUGE improvement just listening to these c.d.'s made I started using them on my then 7 year old & 5 year old too. Again, I saw improvements in their attention time, their concentration times, as well as their absorption of what they were learning & more. As a homeschooling mom, I was able to see first hand their improvements begin, and continue as I charted their progress. I will admit, it's a little costly (about $400.00 new for the 8 Cd set of the classic program along with the headphones they recommend to use with it...about another $100.) I found our set on eBay and paid about half the cost. On the web site below it's recommended to buy from them and work with a specialist. Our funds simply wouldn't allow it. I've had no problems utilizing the program at home on my own by simply following the direction provided with the Cd's. Like I said, it's costly, but with the improvements I've seen, I'd gladly pay the price again. Not to long ago I got this email. It doesn't surprise me one bit that it works on our little ones with Down Syndrome. It's recommended to start using at about 5 years old. In April when Isaac turns 5 he'll for sure be listening to the beautiful classical music that I've seen help my other kids so much. You can learn more about the Listening program here:

FYI: it also works wonderfully with on us mom's & children with Autism as girlfriend Jen swears by it for her 4 year old Autistic son.

Research News: New Down Syndrome Study Demonstrates The Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies Improves Listening, Speech, and Language

Study: Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of The Listening Program® for Improvement of Auditory Skills and Speech for Children with Down Syndrome

Investigator: Gwyneth Jeyes, Caroline Newton

Abstract: Nine children with Down Syndrome ranging in age from 5 yrs. to 12 yrs. from the United Kingdom participated in the study. Parent surveys confirmed improvements in listening, speech, and language skills in all but one child, who completed The Listening Program® method of music listening therapy. Several children showed improvements in attention, following directions, compliance, coordination, and sleep patterns.

Presented at: The World Down Syndrome Congress in Dublin, Ireland August 19-22, 2009
Hope you find this helpful! :) alysha~one blessed mama

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