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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Katya is 5 years old already. Her future looks GRIM if she does not find a FAMILY real real soon. Do you think you can help little Katya? Or do you know anyone looking for a little girl to add to there family?
Katya had head trauma at birth, which caused a deformed head. Her official diagnosis was Crouzon Syndrome also known as Craniofacial Dystosis. Katya was examied by a doctor from the US, and she believes that Katya does not have Crouzon Syndrome. Katya's caregivers said that Katya is very well developed and a smart girl. She loves to draw and walks and runs. Katya can take care of herself, and has a sweet personality.

If you want to help her or are looking for more information to adopt Katya PLEASE contact ANDREA at
PLEASE visit, go to other angels, girls and you will find Katya and her GRANT fund. PLEASE HELP KATYA she is 5 and out of time:(

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