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Friday Focus on Down Syndrome - Connecting the Rainbow

I am very excited and pleased to introduce all of you to the newest addition to the Reece's Rainbow ministry: Connecting The Rainbow.

Connecting The Rainbow is the section of RR that will focus on assisting families in Eastern Europe that have chosen to keep and raise their child with Down syndrome. This part of the ministry focuses on those children who are NOT orphans, and our desire to support these families as they work to change the minds and hearts of their entire culture.
These families are fighting an uphill battle. It is one that they WILL win, but they need our support. Currently, we have the unique opportunity to partner with the APCDS, the parent support group in Bulgaria. I have met many of these families personally and was so impressed with their determination in the day to day fight that they endure to have their children as a part of their society. Eventually, this program will expand to include working with parents in Ukraine and Russia. However, right now, we have an open door and an established relationship with the families in Bulgaria. I am in constant communication with them and know their needs and the level of support that they need. You will find all of that information on the Connecting The Rainbow web page. We are currently in need of lots of donations to assemble parent packets for these families!
We are also in the process of setting up a sponsorship program. This program will allow families that have a child(ren) with Ds to "sponsor" a family in Bulgaria and provide friendship, encouragement and support to that family, as well as the opportunity to assist in meeting the unique needs of that particular child. It is our hope that this part of the RR ministry will open the door to many new people joining the RR family by partnering with us in this project.
This project is not designed to take the focus away from orphans with Down syndrome. That need is still great and the primary focus of RR is not changing. However, the ultimate mission of RR is for there to be no need for this ministry to exist. The first step in making that happen is to support families that have kept their children from becoming orphans.
I invite you all to visit the Connecting The Rainbow website and to consider helping us as we collect supplies for the children in Bulgaria. We have been given the unique opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on these families and to ease some of the burden that they face as they struggle to meet the needs of their children in a society that does not yet accept them. My prayer is that one day, seeing a person with Down syndrome walking down the streets of Sofia (and Kiev and Moscow) will be just a normal every day occurance. These young children and their families are the start of making that happen.
Please partner with us as we move forward to Connect The Rainbow.
Shelley Bedford
If you have any questions for Shelley about how you can be a part of Connecting the Rainbow you can either contact her via the Connecting the Rainbow web site or feel free to CONTACT US and we will forward your info to her! Thank you!

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