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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One We Can..

As one we can come together to help the families who are on their journeys to bring their child home.
I owe an apology to the families..since bringing our own son home life's been really full...really hectic. Like most other families right now, money is tight. Stress is high and my mind has been clouded. I'm sorry that I haven't been as dedicated to the 'As one' cause as I should be. I started this cause because I saw many families still in need of financial help for their adoption come to the travel time & still be in great need. I knew that by pulling together & giving a little from alot of us the financial burden would be lifted..even if just a little. So many children end up not with families due to the financial aspect of the adoption. If your reading this, then you've either been on this journey, are on it, or are praying about taking it. From experience, it's been the most beautiful trip I taken :D
I hate to admit that my giving has slowed down a great deal. I owe not only the families an apology, but the Lord one too. In this hard time I've started to rely on my self & my husband again & haven't been trusting Him like I should. After reading about little Dennis, my heart has been very convicted in how small the things I have to worry about are in light of this beautiful boys life being on the line. Today, I recommit to you, the families.

This is Ezekiel (I love this name!~it's one of my son's names too :)
Ezekiel is in the Philippians waiting to come home. His family is due to travel in February. He's a handsome little guy who'll be coming home to a nice big family of 6 siblings :)

This little lady is Zoya. Her family submitted their dossier not to long ago. Lord's willing they'll be traveling for her soon. She's the blessing they've been waiting for to start their family. I have no doubt she'll be a huge blessing to them :) Isn't she a doll?!

God is amazing, His grace is like non-other. He hasn't forgotten His beautiful children. He knows each one of them. May He stretch our gifts, no matter how big or small, in a mighty way for the families. Please keep both the families in prayer. You can read more about the families of Zoya & Ezekiel here as well as give your love gift too.
God bless~ one blessed mama.

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