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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One Families: The Sisemore's and Litzke's

Wondering what 'As one we can families' are all about? If your in the adoption process, you should know! Find out here:

This is Jeremiah, cute huh?

Time is moving quick, and his family needs our help to bring him home as soon as possiable. He needs medical care and everyday without it is a hendrance to him.

JEREMIAH for The Sisemore Family--Haughton, LA

Bobby and Tami have a heart for children others think of as special needs but in reality they are just special. Those babies that others think are hard or difficult, to this family are the answer to many, many prayers. God touched their lives with adoption when HE bridged the ocean in September 2008 to bring their first son Noah home from Taiwan! This time their going add little Jeremiah to their family.
Your Gifts to help the Sisemore Family would be so appreciated. They are very thankful for any prayers and financial support through this journey. EVERY PENNY helps bring Jeremiah one step closer to being home where he can get the medical care, therapy, and the love of his families waiting arms!

I have $176 in my FAMILY grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Follow the Sisemore family adoption journey on their blog at

This is Lunae, how cute is she? :)

Lunae's been waiting along time. Lord's willing the Litzke family will be traveling very soon for their little lady.

LUNAE for The Litzke Family--Marysville, OH
Dave and Mandy Litzke were no strangers to adoption. God had already blessed them with several children in miraculous ways, 4 of which had special needs. They had learned the joy of offering a child a forever family and knew there was nothing in this world that could compare.
This young child had been waiting for sometime for her family to come along. In Gods perfect timing He would orchestrate the moment when they would find one another. The Litzke's anticipate travel this summer and the family cannot wait to bring their daughter home and love and care for her forever.


I have $35 in my FAMILY grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Your gifts can be given here:

From the families, a thank you. Have a blessed day!

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