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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday Focus on Down Syndrome - Is This Your Child?

Each Friday I post about someone that has Down Syndrome and what they've achieved or how they've changed the world for the better.

Today's post isn't about one specific person or one specific achievement. It is about many. I am going to share something that is part of a letter I wrote to the hospital ward where my daughter was born. (You can read the letter in its entirety here). I want you to know how she has changed me, for the better.

She has never been anything imperfect, it was me that was. Since God gave her to me I've only become closer to being like Him, because she is so like Him. I have shared more joy and love and life since she came into my life and for that I'm so thankful. The praises on my lips are never ceasing and this new heart He's given me is ever growing.

My question to those of you who are reading about these precious angels if you could look at the following pictures of a few of the precious Angels on the Angel Tree. These, in fact, are the ones that have at least $1000 in their adoption fund. That means that the family that commits to their adoption has a big head start on fund raising towards the cost of the adoption.

Can you help them find their forever families? Do you see the face of your own son or daughter? Is your heart ready to be filled with the purest and best form of Love you ever could experience?

Please take a look at these children. They are precious and ready to be brought home, will it be your home?

Tonya has $2845 in her adoption fund

Artem has $2448 in his adoption fund

Mindy has $1560 in her adoption fund

Shea has $1515 in her adoption fund

Ivan has $1000 in his adoption fund
Nikolai has $1000 in his adoption fund

Joseph has $1000 in his adoption fund

Vika has $1000 in her adoption fund

Shane has $1000 in his adoption fund

As much as you are saving the life of one of these precious orphans when you either donate to their adoption fund or commit to bring them home as your own son or daughter, the life you save may truly be your own, just as my daughter saved me.

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