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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

3:32:00 PM

A "bump" to get over the "hump"!

Even though the ornaments are done now, we're all preparing for the festivities of next week, we still have 3 weeks of giving left until our Christmas Angel Tree of 2009 comes to a close.

Every day we are getting new donations, but I'd like for each of you daily to look for those children on the tree who are "so close" to the next level..."so close" to $250 or "so close" to $500 or $ what you can to focus your prayers and additional giving for those kids, so we can get as many as possible "over the hump"!

Don't let the climax of this project be the deadline for ornaments...our end date is December 31st!

If you have questions or ideas for fundraising, please write me at It is NEVER too late to get your Christmas Warrioring into gear. You can be a NEW YEAR Warrior for the next 3 weeks! We are hoping for an even more life-saving 2010! Let's go into the new year with as much grant funding as we can for each of these angels.


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