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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Showing our support for our families of the week..

This is Ana for the Nemes family:

This is Milos for the Stolz family:

A little About The Stolz Family:
Jim & Mary have been married for 25 years & have 8 great kiddo's so far. On Dec. 3rd they have thier appointment for their adoption of #9, handsome young Milos.
The Stolz family is no stranger to DS children with their oldest bio. son being 19 with DS & a little one named Joey who they adopted from Ukraine in 2007. Milos is going to be a great fit in his new family & has alot of siblings who can't wait for him to be home. Please be prayerful in your giving to this great family.

A Little About The Nemes Family:
Tom & Amberlyn are in Ukraine right now!! They'll be meeting thier little angel, Ana in a couple of days :) Even though their in country right now they can still use our help~ after all, they have a second trip to plan with an extra ticket to buy so their Ana can come home with them. I know when we were in Ukraine, our funds were low & the help we got from RR was a HUGE blessing! With out it, our Isaac would be in an institution now instead of here with us :( What a tear jerking thought! This family can really, really use our help to bring Ana home now! Please be praying for them while their away from their 2 children at home and for their meeting of their newest little girl :) What a blessing!!!
Amberlyn has made their blog private during thier time in Ukraine, but you can alway request an invite..she's asked that you do if you want to follow along on thier journey.

You can give your gifts of support & read more about the families here :
Many blessings to you all! Alysha~one blessed mama :)

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