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9:25:00 AM

Lordy, Lordy Look Who's 40!

Happy Birthday to Sesame Street!

As the curtain opens on the 41st season of Sesame Street we wanted to take pause to wish all the residents, past & present, a Happy Birthday!

As an artist, Carroll Spinney is one of my favourites, as he is also an artist! I know this because a little Big Bird told me! This is a lovely interview with him regarding the 40th Birthday!

Please take time to visit their web site and did you know they have an official Sesame Street Youtube channel? You can watch Sesame Street from anywhere!

Find out more this week about Sesame Street and their connection with Reece's Rainbow! (In other words, stop by often!)

So, Happy Birthday to the entire gang at Sesame Street!

Being from England, I thought I would share this interview with the BBC's Kevin Connolly which you might enjoy!

And, for Five Minutes with Sesame Street and  Matthew Stadlen Click Here!

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