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Be Good for Reece's Rainbow! GoodSearch & GoodShop

If you, like me, wish you had more money to donate to Reece's Rainbow and the families adopting, well, here is one way you can donate without having to have any money!

All you need to do is use GoodSearch for your search engine or add it to your search box already on your browser's toolbar! Then, every time you do a search you are helping give money to Reece's Rainbow!

As well, you can use GoodSearch for your online shopping this Christmas and with every purchase you are giving to Reece's Rainbow!

All you do is select Reece's Rainbow, Gaithersburg, MD as your charity of choice and you can either make GoodSearch your homepage or add it to your toolbar! Easy as that!

When you are doing your online shopping, just click on GoodShop and find your shops of choice and with every purchase you make, Reece's Rainbow benefits!

Search the Web now
Free coupons at top stores
Raise money for Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry just by searching the web and shopping online!

You can also click on the Add to your site to spread the word about GoodSearch and GoodShop!

Thank you!

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