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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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So What's "As One We Can" All About Anyway?

It's about Reece's Rainbow families being in service to each other as we travel down this road to the end of our rainbow...our children. The families that are adopting a child found thru RR share a common thread different then other adopting families. Our call is to bring home our children whom others view as worthless. All the RR families are stepping out in faith to bring home a child or children with special needs. The Reece's Rainbow family is a tight one with many welcoming arms.This 'Joining as one to bring them home' was created to help the families who are close to traveling for their child & are still in financial need to be pin-pointed for the week so that we (other RR adopting families) can join as one & all donate to these particular families. If we each give only $5 or $10 dollars to these families our gifts will add up. This donation amount is just a suggestion. Any amount is welcome & helpful. My prayer is that each family donating will be prayerful in their giving and give as the Lord so leads. So with that being said...
May He stretch our gifts in a mighty way, in only the way He can! :)


~Dancing in His grace, Alysha~one blessed mama

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