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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Our As One We Can Families~The Mastroianni's & The Nemes :)

I'm so excited to be a part of this team! I love being able to come together with other families & aid them in bringing their children home from afar~What an amazing blessing it is to help each other!..I know that without your help, our Isaac might not have gotten home, so thank you :)

Okay...this week we have two beauties who'll be coming home soon! Yay!! I'm always left in awe to see a child who I've seen over & over again going unclaimed finally in the home God set apart for them. Not only does He change their lives, He changes ours. All around is blessings when you bring a child home.

This is Morgan. I love her eyes :) This family blesses me! I love to read Michelle's blog and see how God is working in their lives thru this journey. Their dossier has been submitted, so travel is anytime now. They could really use our help now. Remember, any amount in welcome and helpful.

MORGAN for The Mastroianni Family--Raleigh, NC
Dominic and Michele Mastroianni have been called to adopt a special needs child, specifically deaf. They have moved forward to adopt sweet Morgan from Eastern Europe.
After many miscarriages and being told they had less than a 3% chance to successfully conceive a child, the Lord blessed this family with 3 biological children, now ages 6, 5, and 3. One of their children is a special needs child. A year ago Michele miscarried again, this time very seriously in her second trimester. Dominic said he did not want any more children after that. Michele�s heart though had yearned for more, but she never brought it up again after the miscarriage, in obedience to his request. She fully trusted that God had a plan for their family, whether it be 3 children, or more. One year later Dominic came forward and said wouldn't it be nice if there were more children in their family, and that he would consider adoption. Needless to say Michele was surprised! She went to the Lord in prayer and He spoke loud and clear that the answer was yes, and that it would be a child who is deaf. Through a Divine appointment one evening at a home-schooling meeting, Michele found Reece�s Rainbow, and there was Morgan � a 3 year old girl who is deaf, in Eastern Europe � what an awesome God we serve.
Dominic owns his own business as a manufacturer�s representative, and Michele is a full-time home-schooling mom. They live in Raleigh, North Carolina with their 3 wonderful children. The children are so excited about bringing Morgan home to become part of their family. They are praying for her each night, and have counted all their coins they have been saving to help them bring Morgan home! This family has no experience with sign language, but knows that God will give them everything they need to help Morgan blossom like a beautiful flower.

Follow the adoption journey of the Mastroianni family on their blog at

I have $0 in my FAMILY grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Oh, little Anastasia. She was one of our angels last year and to see her getting ready to come home is so AWESOME! If you've never stopped by Amberlyn's blog, you'd really must! She's always refreshing and honest with great witt. I can't wait to see little Anastasia home :) She'll fit in wonderfully with her new sisters. The Nemes family have submitted their dossier, so they too will be traveling soon. Let's help them with this journey.

ANASTASIA for The Nemes Family--Spanaway, WA
The Nemes family is excited to grow! Tom and Amberlyn have 3 year old Alexis and 10 month old Benjamin. They felt God�s call to add to their family not that long ago and have been in awe of watching Him work. How generous the Lord is to allow each of us to be part of His work is our own way. What glorious change He brings to our hearts as we obey and trust Him.
Anastasia has already made her way into the hearts of this growing family and those that are part of their lives. She is such a blessing already, and was before they even knew her name or face. Because she is already four, she is facing imminent institutionalization. They pray that they can bring her home quickly so that this can be prevented.
Please consider helping this family by lifting them up in prayer for their journey!

I have $25 in my FAMILY grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Follow the Nemes family adoption journey on their blog at

As always, please be prayerful in your givings, and MAY GOD BLESS OUR GIFTS & STRETCH THEM IN A MIGHTY WAY FOR EACH OF THESE FAMILIES!

Blessings to you all, Alysha~one blessed mama.

Ps..both these families can be found here:

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