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Free 2010 Reece's Rainbow Calendar 'Redemption'

 We would like to offer our condolences to the Derek Loux family. Derek was an advocate of the highest esteem and will be missed. As you read his own words on Redemption and adoption you will know just how much this world has lost and how much heaven has gained. Our prayers go out to his family and children, 8 of whom were adopted, of those, 3 were adopted through Reece's Rainbow, along with 2 biological children. The Loux family had a passion for adoption and orphans and they lived that passion. 
Derek has shared his post titled Redemption for our calendar and his words inspired the title for it. For those who knew Derek, these words have an even stronger meaning now.

 Love is powerful. Mighty even. It can bring orphans out of a dark and dismal pit against all odds and give them a family filled with more of the same... love.

Love can carry you further than anything else. It can make you travel the earth or stay by someone's side. It has no boundaries or bounds yet it can tie you together.

So when I say I love you, it doesn't mean that I think you'll never go, never feel pain or hurt, never cry or weep. It just means I wish you didn't have to.

Scroll down for Instructions and PDF file Downloads (and the link to ALL the downloadable files if that is more convenient) and for the Redemption Calendar Grab Button

Click the Images Below for Larger View and Individual Page JPG Downloads
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June  July  August   September   October  November 
December  Redemption1  Redemption2  GalleryBackPage

To download each page individually simply click on the above image to be taken to the download page. To download the ready to print Adobe pdf files simply keep reading, Parts 1-4 are in pdf format, ready to print.

Part 1
This is the largest file due to the number of photographs on the Gallery page.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

(If you would like any of these files zipped for quicker downloads the entire folder of all the Reece's Rainbow Calendar files can be found HERE)

Each pdf is two pages. If you are printing these to put together as a booklet you would print these two sided and assemble as a booklet.

If you are making it a hanging wall calendar just print them single sided and assemble to hang!

Download the accompanying letter to give to family, friends & colleagues when giving the calendar as a gift!


I recommend the photo paper that resists smudging for these. For the booklet I would recommend a TWO SIDED photo paper, which may not be smudge resistant.

For Folding Booklet:
When printing from the pdf files, simply open the four files and if you are printing double or two sided for a folding calendar simply select your printers settings for double sided printing and follow your printers instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure you have FIT TO PAGE selected.

Once you have printed all four, simply assemble in page order and fold in half to make the booklet. You can staple or even sew the seam or just tie with a ribbon. You could also print TWO PAGES per page to make a half size calendar which would be pocket sized.

For Wall Hanging:
If you are planning on using this as a wall hanging, simply follow all the instructions above, except do not select double or two sided printing.

Once you have printed the pages, trim any white you don't wish and you can use a hole punch to make two holes in the centre at the top of the page, approximately one inch apart, and put a string or ribbon through to hold together.

International Printing Instructions:
If you are printing on any other size paper (ie A4 in the UK), follow all the same instructions as above ensuring you have selected FIT TO PAGE, as well. There may be some trimming of the borders necessary.

If you are interested in using the monthly pages in your sidebar on your blog, the codes can be added as a Gadget or Widget in your sidebar. Just download this notepad document with all the codes for each month's calendar!

If you have a blog and would like to put the 2010 Reece's Rainbow Redemption Calendar button on it Please Grab the Button below! Thank you!

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