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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

8:32:00 AM

Oh yes... it's still coming!

Though there were some hiccups in the main RR website that had to be resolved before switching projects... and a baby born... this sit really is getting a makeover and is about to become active again!

We are blessed to be bringing on a great team of momma-bloggers to highlight available children, discuss issues related to Down syndrome, share relevant and encouraging articles from the week, let you know when a new 'sponsorship button' is available for an adoptive family, bring announcements from Andrea- the executive director, and much more!

The RR Blog is also about to get a make-over in the look and feel of the site! I'm excited to have this new team in place and can't wait to see the RR blog up and running and active! Come visit again soon :)

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