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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Child of the Month- September 2008- Olga

UPDATE! Olga has a family!


Girl, Born April 25, 2004


Olga is an Eastern European beauty, with brown hair and brown eyes. She is HEALTHY, with no heart or other medical complications. Olga is a pretty high functioning little girl! She is able to walk on her own, feed herself, and tries to dress herself as well. She has been well taken care of, and is much closer to the size of a typical 4 year old than some of our previously adopted 4 year olds!

She looks like a fiery, active, "take-on-the-world" type of girl, and we know she will accomplish great things in a family setting! But if she is sent to the institution, she will regress and she will never be the same :(

Please give Olga the chance to be YOUR daughter, and not a statistic in an Eastern European mental institution.

Olga has already turned 4, so she is truly living on borrowed time!!

Donate to Olga HERE. Go to Child of the Month on Reece's Rainbow for more info about Olga.

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