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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

9:50:00 PM

New Program in Ghana!

We are proud to announce that our new program in Ghana is officially open. All of the currently available children can be found at

We do not have any referred children with Down syndrome at this time, so all of the children are listed on our Other Angels pages. But they are all beautiful, and Ghana is a GREAT, EASY program.

Please feel free to share our new children with others you know who may be interested in this particular program.
We are still waiting on medical and personality info on each of the children, but we wanted to get them posted as soon as possible.

Please direct any questions you may have to Carla at About A Child. (

Will keep posted on any angels with DS who are referred!

Andrea Roberts, Executive DirectorReece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

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