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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Child of the Month- May 2008- Josue

Josue (Ecuador)
Born May 3, 2005
My name means "God is salvation"

Josue is a handsome 2 year old little boy living in Ecuador. His mother is Ecuadorian and his father is African (black). He was abandoned at birth, and previously had a family committed to his adoption, but Josue is still in need of an adoptive family at this time. He does have a heart murmur, but his condition is not considered life threatening. He will need to see a pediatric cardiologist when he gets home.

Josue's receptive language is very good, but like most other children with Down syndrome, he does not have any real spoken words yet. He will benefit greatly from speech therapy. His gross motor skills are good and he has good muscle tone. He is ready to begin walking on his own now, so he is making good progress! He is a very happy and social child, and gets along very well with other children and adults. He is still very tiny, only 13 pounds! Josue will make a wonderful addition to any family!!

Total agency and country fees are only $13,000. (This does not include travel or INS costs).

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